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Infraestructura Inteligente

Vitrina MD frente extra bajo Doruk

Clave del Producto



Available for M1 (-1/+5), M2 (-1/+7), H1 (-1/+10) temp. class

• Only remote version avaliable

• High loading capacity

• Plastic bumper protection (for Doruk EA)

• Single and double glazed door applications (for Doruk EA)

• T8 / T5 & LED canopy and door lighting options

• Inclinable shelves with 400mm, 420mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600 mm length options

• Powder coated or stainless steel options for shelves

• Internally mirrored or glazed sidewalls

• Equal air flow between display shelves

• RAL color options

• Head unit options

Características Específicas

Frente de 18cm o sin frente para poder entrar con cajas directamente a la vitrina